Client: Can I transfer money from “this account” to my account?
Me: Is “this account” yours?
Client: No, … but I’ve done it before!
Me: Okay, let me take a look at the account.
    *silence, as I check to see if she has POA or SA
Me: I’m sorry you don’t have authority on “this account”, I can’t transfer any money to your account.
Client: Why? I’ve done it before!
Me: I’m sorry, it’s NOT your account; I can’t take money out of it.

What makes you think I’m going to take money out of someone else’s account and deposit it to yours? Is this free money for everyone? Maybe I should transfer some into my account too?

Yes, maybe you’re in dying need of money from your husband, friend… whoever, but without permission from the other party, there’s NOTHING I can do! If tellers are making this wrongful transaction, I don’t know what to say. What if it’s fraud and someone’s intentions are to steal money? You’re just gonna make it THAT easy for them? You just caused the other party unnecessary panic and frustration!

Is this not common sense?

It kind of scares me… What else is out there? With the big increase in fraud these days, who knows what’s going to happen! We can’t trust anyone with anything; Is this what our society has come to?

PS: Debit isn’t safe at all! Convenience is risky!

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